Some of Our Missions

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Some of Our Missions

  • Digital interaction strategy, in the context of acquisition of a new customer segment for an international business travel group.
  • Digital strategy aimed at developing intimacy with customers, at local and national scale, for a real estate group.
  • Customers’ insights collecting scheme for an automotive actor, to define a development strategy for new products and services.
  • Internal collaborative innovation initiative, aimed at getting employees involved in the company’s evolution, for a large business services company.
  • Innovative point of sale concept for a ready-to-wear wholesaler, with the purpose of diversifying its catchment area and adapting to evolving customers behaviors.
  • Implementation of a whole digital service offering for a private health service company, to diversify its distribution model.
  • Integration of a complete front office channel (marketing, sales and customer support) for a software vendor, to increase sales on an existing client base.
  • Setup and support of collaborative transformation of work practices, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction and of simplifying business processes, for a software vendor.
  • Concept and implementation of a digital service to develop mobile services for a bank.
  • Open innovation digital laboratory for a large logistics company.
  • Business model transformation for a software vendor.
  • Cross-channel strategy oriented toward service innovation for an anergy distributor.

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