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  • Thierry de Baillon

    After a double-sided education, Thierry has worked for major French fashion offices, where he focused on detecting and deciphering emerging cultural and social trends. In parallel, he served as brand strategy and product development advisor for many large French and international brands.

    In 1995, he joined Vivarte (formerly Groupe André), where he designed and patented home consumer products for Creeks Company, such as fountain pens, which sold over 25M copies. In 1998, he was named Online Marketing Director at Creeks, in charge of developing the first French fashion e-commerce website.

    In 2001, Thierry was responsible for setting up an internal/external online network for Ionis Group, a group of business and engineering schools. In 2005, he was hired by Sogeti, a Capgemini subsidiary, to develop the brand’s online presence. He leaded the company’s internal social initiatives for the French division, setting up the strategy for knowledge management and participative innovation, and managed the deployment and adoption practice for Sogeti’s collaborative platform.

    Since 2010, Thierry works as independent advisor for SMB and large companies, focusing on the challenges raised by a hyper-connected and volatile environment, helping them to transform into more responsible and customer-centric organizations through new ways of working. He regularly takes part in several collective publications, such as Right Sourcing: Enabling Collaboration, and is the initiator of The Future of [Collaborative] Enterprise, an open research project aimed at uncovering what the future of organizations will look like in an era of hyper-connectivity.

  • Marie Ange Bertrand Levy

    Marie Ange has more than twenty years of experience in implementing strategies, products and services innovation, management consulting, marketing, business development and operational management for diverse sectors of activity.

    In the course of her career, she successfully implemented strategic innovation in sectors such as finance, personal services, nutrition, medias, or luxury goods, taking active part in the development of new products and services. Marie Ange also took part in the development and launch of collaborative platforms.

    Pragmatic and visionary, she is able to evaluate complex situations to develop practical as well as creative solutions. She likes working across organizational boundaries with multidisciplinary teams.

    Marie Ange is at the same time the one who takes care, who brings remedies to businesses’ problems with rigor, flexibility, pragmatism and innovation, and the one who takes part in market evolution, as EsTeam co-founder.

    Marie Ange has a master in marketing from CBI (Computer Science Insitute), and followed courses in strategic management and commercial development.

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