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Designed as a preliminary stage to our missions, the goal of the Customer Maturity Assessment (CMA) is to allow the formalization of fast benefit opportunities linked to customer satisfaction improvement.

We evaluate your customer centricity in order to identify and to qualify the most important axes of improvement and development. The CMA also allows you to visualize the strengths of your strategy, to materialize opportunities having a positive impact on customer experience, for a fast return on investment.
Structured decision-making tool, the CMA allows you to secure your strategy by incorporating your customers’ point of view, to optimize your operational efficiency, and to create a favorable context for innovating high value added services


What the CMA brings to your organization

  • A strong visualization of the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s strategy with regards to the customer experience
  • A deep understanding of the way the value chain contributes to the customer experience
  • A thorough identification of existing strategic and operational opportunities to improve and innovate
  • A detailed qualification of priority axes for customer centricity development
  • A clear evaluation of the relevancy of your investments dedicated to customer experience

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